165 Rounds Avenue
Riverside, RI  02915
(401) 433-3196
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About CCNS

Covenant Cooperative Nursery School is an integral ministry of the Evangelical Covenant Church of Riverside, serving families of the local community. We are an established school with a curriculum that is drawn from the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards. Our focus is to meet the needs of the developing child in each of the following learning areas: physical health and development,  social and emotional development, language development, literacy, cognitive development, mathematics, science, social studies, creativity and spiritual development. In our safe and secure environment, all children are encouraged, challenged and enriched through their response to the thoughtfully planned curriculum. 

Covenant Nursery School has a cooperative program. This type of program allows parents the opportunity to share very closely in their child's first school experience. A "co-op" parent serves once a month as a parent assistant in one of the school classrooms. Background checks, proof of immunizations and training workshop are mandatory to participate in "co-op." 

If you would like to see our Parent Handbook, please click here to see our policies and procedures.

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